Love is in the Air! Era of Celestials Introduces New Marriage System

2018-10-15 11:05:26

l  Players will be able to marry other players or NPCs (regardless of gender or roles) in mobile MMORPG Era of Celestials.

l  They will get special benefits and access to new instances and skills.

l  Players can only be married to one person, but can file for divorce

Find time for love in your quest to save the world with mobile MMORPG Era of Celestials’ new Marriage System. Players will be able to get married to other players or NPCs regardless of their roles or genders to enter new instances, get new skills, and acquire buffs while battling the forces of evil with their other half.

Once players have acquired a proposal token, players will be able to propose to their potential partners. Once successful, they will be able to reserve a date for their wedding. Players can then send invitations to their nearest and dearest to attend the wedding ceremony where sumptuous food will spawn on the tables that can be collected for rewards.

Once married, couples will be able to adventure together to the Love Instance and Wedding Ring instance and acquire new skills to aid them on their adventures. They will also be more powerful in combat together and will acquire buffs to aid them in battle. However, if players are not feeling the love anymore, they can also apply for a divorce. Divorcing is not easy, it will result in the couple losing their buffs and skills that came with their marriage.
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