• Cassandra

    Before the god Millantres became the lands of the world, he summoned the light of the sun to him, binding its power with his own. Then casting it towards Cassandra who had served him wisely. As the power infused her, Cassandra understood the responsibility of her role, to be the Elysian Stellaris and use the power of the sun as a guiding light. To shepherd the people of the lands in the ways of their beliefs. Providing a clear path in the coming darkness.

  • Marama

    No-one knew that the world had two moons, and with that two goddesses of the moon. The Elysian Marama formed to always obey the lunar cycle but was strangely tied to two very different powers. The bonding making her mood change as the two moons wax and wane. Many other Elysian find her almost impossible to talk to, as her opinion can change from day-to-day. But at heart she is an Elysian, controlling her chaotic nature by acting as a beacon of tranquility in the coming conflict.

  • Belladonna

    When the younger races came to the world, they sought succor with one another and had offspring. Their populations growing in size and strength, yet none ever dying. Concerned that, in time, they would overrun the world, Belladonna prayed from guidance from the stars themselves. Unbeknownst to her, Kattay, the only remaining god, heard her prayers and granted her the power over life. Telling Belladonna, she was the Elysian Mortalis, allowing her to bring about aging and death to restore the natural order of things.

  • Samara

    Samara was formed by the god Millantres but seemed to shun any power he tried to give her. Ignored by her fellow Elysian but told, by her father, that she would always have a destiny. Drawn to the same spark that called to Zenith, her power to absorb the wake of his destruction and become engulfed with that energy; releasing the force which lay deep within her very soul. Now she is one of the most powerful amongst the Elysian, yet keeps her distance from them. Ready to rain down ruination on her enemies.

  • Dumont

    Many say that Dumont is from a younger age. A brave knight who fought in the last war and at the final moments, to defeat evil, was thrown back in time, his spirit being formed into one of the Elysian. Whatever the case, Dumont seems to sense what is coming and knows how to defend against it, making him the Elysian Aegis. One who stands forthright for his beliefs and is ready to push back the darkness. Advising others of their weakness, including his fellow Elysian.

  • Dorien

    As the younger species rose from the land and sea, one Elysian wished to show them the path to be heroic, courageous and brave, to ensure they were honored by their peers. As Dorian taught this path, the very spirit of each hero who died with valor touched him. Making him greater in potency and strength, leading him to be named Elysian Valoris. As the war approaches he knows that valor will be the path that leads the forces of light, against those of the coming darkness.


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