2019-12-04 15:51:20

The 3D MMOARPG Era of Celestials will bring New Soul Card system. Adventurers can gain extremely strong enhancement in their equipment, which bring high BR. New system, new way to be strong! In addition, we decide to give Thanksgiving Gift Pack to all players through in-game mail. Don't forget to claim it on time!

Here is a list of our Thanksgiving events:

In-game Events:

Thanksgiving Store (11.20-11.30)

Collect Thanksgiving Tokens by login and Boss Hunt for free Elysians and mounts. Don’t forget to exchange them in time!

Turkey Hunter (11.26-11.28)

Go and hunt turkeys in our game for big rewards!

Thanksgiving Ceremony (11.27-12.01)

Gain points by choosing the best materials combination to roast turkey. Watch out, the better recipe, the better rewards.

Rewards Pool: Costume--Autumn Maple, Sprite--Minos, Sacred Blade--Edge of Infinity, and etc.

Hot Sale Event (11.27-11.30)

Invest Diamond Chest can bring you great benefit once in a year and don’t forget collect your diamond rebate in Black Friday hot sale.

Besides, the new Epic Soul Card--Master of Five Streams is releasing in our game. Don’t hesitate to seize your time and enhance your power!

Social Media Events:

Facebook Fans Challenge (11.19-11.30)

Reach the goals to gain rewards for all servers! Check it out in our Facebook:

Fan Page Treasure Hunt (11.22-11.28)

Search for limited gift codes in our Facebook, Twitter, Discord and Instagram! If you want to collect all rewards, you need to stay tuned to all platform. Rewards are for those well-prepared people.

Soul Card System: Brand-new system to increase your power.

To increase the power of the divinity equipment, players can collect and equip Soul Cards so that they can gain the special attribute addition. Every divinity equipment contains three card slots. Once the slots are all equipped, the various attributes and passive effects will be given. Also, Soul Cards can be enhanced and polished to perfect the equipment attributes. Here are things you need to know:


1Every divinity equipment contains three card slots. The Soul Card in inventory can be equipped in the slots;

2Only vanquisher and divinity equipment can equip Soul Cards;

3Once a Soul Card is equipped, the activated attributes of the Soul Card can be gained;

4Same Soul Card cannot be equipped in an equipment;

5The grade of Equipped Soul Card have to be less than the equipment;

6The equipped Soul Card cannot be dismantled or inset in another equipment’s slot unless it is taken down from previous equipment slot;

7Legendary or locked Soul Card cannot be dismantled. 

To gain Soul Cards, there are several ways: one is our events, the other is the upcoming PVE game-play—Soul Realm. It contains various exciting adventurer instances. There are different theme of Bosses and maps waiting for you to conquer. Soul Realm will coming soon, please stay tuned!

All in all, thank you all for constantly supporting and progressing with us. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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