Spirit of the Ancient Forest - Elara, Debuts in Spirit Shrine!

2018-09-06 21:03:58

Elara comes from the depths of the Forest. She used to be a beautiful nine-tailed fox who had snow white fur all over. One day, she encountered a battlefield after the war, where the corpse of soldier was everywhere, and their souls were wandering and refused to leave. However, Elara find that consume the soul of the dead gains her great power. So she started to appearing in many different battlefields to obtain more souls. One day, she has accumulated enough human souls in her body and has got the power to turn into a human girl, and has strong magic power to help her master to win the fight.

Active Skill

Complexity: Nine-Tailed Demon Fox uses witchcraft to transform into the shape of its owner. Inherits 150% of its owner’s ATK power and 75% of its HP, last 15 seconds.

Passive Skill

Delusion: Increases the Spirit of the Ancient Forest’s chance to ignore target’s DEF by 40%

Oozing Marrow: Increases the Spirit of the Ancient Forest’s Fatal Hit chance by 20%

Sensitivity: Confusion skills last 2 seconds longer

Don’t forget to join the Sprite Shrine from Sep 7th to Sep 9th to grab tons of resources and claim the new spirit Elara! Hope you enjoy all the new contents in Era of Celestials, cheers!

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