Update Notice

2023-03-28 19:03:28

Function content

1. Hunting store

a) Add new items to the hunting store

2. Divinity Realms: Mysterious adventure challenge

a) A new game in the Divinity Realms: Mysterious adventure challenge

b) Some attributes of the character will be affected under this game

c) Passing the specified number of levels will get you the corresponding rewards

d) The details are based on the game

3. Tree of Eternity

a) The node level cap of the Tree of Eternity will be expanded

b) Rune level cap has been expanded

c) Runes now have a probability of obtaining: mystical properties

4. Forge

a) Awakening cap expansion

b) Addition cap expansion

c) Enhanced cap expansion

5. other

a) Chapter quest experience adjustment

b) New footprint fragment synthesis


1. Astral Ceremony

2. Magic Array

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