In the Name of Love and Loyalty – Spend the Very First Romantic Valentine’s Day in EoC

2019-02-14 17:15:20

Parts of the world are still covered by the snow, but spring has quietly come to the King’s Continent – it’s Valentine’s Day coming on the way! This special day is often full of chocolates, roses and proposals, and it is not just a festival for couples, but also for expressing love between family members and friends. It is all about LOVE and LOYALTY.

Era of Celestials has also prepared plenty of Valentine’s Day surprises for all our dearest players!


Elysian Valentine – Anastasia

As a representation of true love, Elysian Valentine – Anastasia has had a tragic story which begins when she fell in love with a poor stable hand. Anastasia was originally a princess from a long-forgotten kingdom, and her secret love did not take long for her father, the king, to find out and he was exiled from the kingdom to roam the barren lands. Anastasia was so deeply in love with the poor stable hand that she ran away from the kingdom to find her other half. Singled out for the riches on her person, she was ambushed and slain by a mob of bandits. Anastasia's dying love traversed the heavens and the Angels wept. Bringing her back from the dead, they encouraged her ascension to Elysian Valentine. Now, Anastasia tale is sung by bards and a special day of the year is consecrated to love in her honor every year. In this special day, the guardians of King’s Continent have put a pure white statue of Elysian Valentine – Anastasia in the center of the main city, right beside the Cupid, who is working for every young couple who want to tie the knot. They hope that Anastasia will bless and encourage all the adventurers who have love in their heart.


Valentine’s Costumes – Love and Honesty

It is an almost universal tradition for peoples to dress up in every important festival, and the Valentine’s day is no exception. The best designer in King’s Continent has made a new set of Valentine’s Costumes for all the adventurers in EoC, to add some romantic element to this special day. He has put his design philosophy into the name: Love and Honesty, Death and Life, Flowers and Dreams.

Join the Valentine’s Day Party in EoC from Feb 14th! And please don’t forget to speak out your love to your special someone. Wish you a best Valentine’s Day ever!

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