[EN] Game Rename Notification

2018-07-25 14:50:20
We EoC Operation Team would like to inform all the players that the name of our game is about to be changed to “Era of Celestials”. To avoid any confusion, we're issuing this notification to help you understand this decision.

Our development team is always working to improve the game and your experience as a gamer. As a result, we felt it was necessary to change the game’s name in order to better convey its contents and overall concept to our players. This will also include some name changes to related game features as well. Read below for the full details of the changes.

[Update Contents]
1. Change name from “Era of Angels” to “Era of Celestials”
2. Function “Angels” is now “Celestials”
3. Change the name of angels
“Angel of the Sun” is now “Elysian Stellaris, Cassandra”
(Cassandra is the name of Elysian Stellaris)
“Angel of Death” is now “Elysian Mortalis, Belladonna”
“Angel of Protection” is now “Elysian Aegis, Dumont”
“Angel of Destruction” is now “Elysian Exterminus, Samara”
“Angel of the Valor” is now “Elysian Valoris, Dorien”
“Angel of the Moon” is now “Elysian Lunaris, Marama”
4. Change the name of Sprites
“Master of the Five Steams” is now “Master of the Five Steams, Shui”
“Mermaid Queen” is now “Empress of the Thirteen Oceans, Talacia”
“Lion General” is now “General of the Roaring Legion, Leonardus”
“Magic Civet” is now “Mistress of Nine Lives, Kadara”

Moreover, we have prepared a gift along with this rename update. All players will receive 300 Rubies through the in-game mail. Remember to log in and claim your reward! 

Thank you for your understanding and support. As always, we appreciate any suggestions and feedback you have for us. If you have any questions or inquiries about rename, please let us know through FB comments or email! Thanks and please enjoy the game!

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