[EN] Let Your Voice Heard - Rating Event

2018-07-25 15:05:56
We are very grateful to receive so many feedbacks from you in the BUG HUNTER event, your opinions always mean a lot to us. If you like our game, please spare several minutes to rate our game in the Google Play! Once the ratings reach a certain amount, all players will receive a special gift in game! Here is the aims and related gifts:

450 Ratings - 1M Gold, 100 Rubies
500 Ratings - 1st Gen Feather (Feather of Dream), 1M Gold, 100 Rubies
600 Ratings - 2nd Gen Feather (Feather of Emerald), 2M Gold, 200 Rubies
700 Ratings - Golden Key, 2.5x Exp Potion, Grade S Merc Voucher *5

Google Play:
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