[EN] Server Maintenance and the Opening of the Second Official Beta Test

2018-07-25 16:31:13
Dear Players,
In order to improve the overall game experience, we will be bringing down the servers for maintenance on 7/5. The estimated maintenance is at the below server time:

HKT 01:00am – 04:00am

Plenty of new game contents, exciting events and essential optimizations will be available after this update. 
Moreover, the second Official Beta Test and the test server HKT-3 is expected to be open at 14:00, July 5th after the maintenance, you are all welcome to join this test!

After the maintenance, you might be asked to re-download the expansion package when you log in the game. This will cost you several minutes, and you will be able to have access to the full contents of the optimized game after finishing this download.
Sorry for all the inconvenience, the maintenance compensation is with the in-game email, please claim them before expiration! More FREE REWARDS will be available after the update. Thank you for your patience and support, wish you enjoy the game!

EOC Operation Team
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